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Our Mission…   To promote and conduct research on safety, clinical, operational and financial issues critical to medical transportation and its impact on patient care

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These safety stories are a real gift to our industry, and to many across many disciplines who really want to get serious about safety. Krista Haugen, co-founder of the Survivors Network describes the opportunity to hear stories about crisis averted or survived as a “get out of jail free card.” We can learn a great deal from those who have taken the time to carefully tell a story that is heartfelt and a milestone in their own career.

Practitioners, both operational and clinical, in this industry are often the “brightest and best,” very capable of accurately applying the intellect to complex situations. But as important is being able to learn from the “other” side of our brain – raise questions that help us notice what feelings emerge as we watch certain tragedy unfold, questions that help us reflect about who we have been or would be in similar situations. Be sure, as you use these stories, to take a part of the discussion time to talk through the human factors; how did the story make you feel? What was the underlying tension in the story? What personal or emotional issues do you think the storyteller brought to or took from the event that is critical to be aware of? Plan plenty of time when you use a story for learning so that reactions and conversations can unfold organically depending on the learning needs of those watching the story together.

It’s important to acknowledge those who have made these stories possible. The MedEvac Foundation International, the Air Medical Operator’s Association, and MedFlight of Ohio have all contributed to funding and support in many ways. Daniel Weinshenker from the Center for Digital Storytelling has provided the leadership and great storytelling skills to help us craft this group of stories. But the biggest debt is to the storytellers who were willing to put it out there so that we all can learn. Thank you, everyone!

Cathy L. Jaynes, PhD, RN
Director of Research, The Center for Medical Transport Research



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A Voice

Discussion Points

by Susan Nichols

Turn Around

Discussion Points

by Rhett Draehn

Courage Within the Rules

Discussion Points-Coming Soon

by Rory Rieger

Picking Up the Pieces

Discussion Points

by Melody Piehl


Discussion Points

by Heather Seemann

I Should Have...

Discussion Points

by Dustin Dalton

Ellen Leone

Discussion Points

by Ellen Leone

Dear Sean

Discussion Points

by Lance Leone

The Lesson

Discussion Points

by Rob Wackenthaler

Changing Day

Discussion Points

by Stacy Fiscus

Tell Me a Story...

Discussion Points

by Krista Haugen

What if?

Discussion Points

by Tim Morse


Discussion Points

by Jennifer Killeen

Dear Jenna

Discussion Points

by Craig Dunham

A Bad Day

Discussion Points

by Craig Erickson


Discussion Points

by Kara Pointer


Discussion Points

by Aaron Lynch

Harm's Way

Discussion Points

by Sandra Kinkade Hutton

Human Factors

Discussion Points

by Colin Henry

Memories of a Crash

Discussion Points

by Danny Kelly


Discussion Points

by Dave Duncan

Very Dark

Discussion Points

by David Kearns

Live & Learn...Learn & Live

Discussion Points

by Krista Haugen

Just a Chip Light

Discussion Points

by Megan Hamilton

Make a Difference

Discussion Points

by Rod Crane

Be Safe

Discussion Points

by Rusty Robison


30 Seconds

Discussion Points

by Steve Murray


Discussion Points

by Jonathan Godfrey

Break the Chain

Discussion Points

by Nancy Sweet

Discussion Points

by Cathy Jaynes

Discussion Points

by Cathy Jaynes


Discussion Points

by Janie Ford

What We Didn't Know

Discussion Points

by Howard Ragsdale


If you believe that your story is compelling and think that you
might be interested in participating in the project, please contact either:



Cathy Jaynes, RN, PhD
Director of Research
The Center for Medical Transport Research
720-939-9063 (cell)


Pat Jones
Research Support Coordinator
The Center for Medical Transport Research
(877) 405-9985 (toll free)





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